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Ballet REAL Series

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Ballet Crypto is an app that acts as a companion to your physical wallet or collectible, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrencies, check their market value and add additional ones to your wallet.

Made for Real People

We made our REAL Series wallets with two guiding principals in mind: ease-of-use and simplicity.

No Setup

REAL Series wallets come ready to use out of the box. Just scan a QR code to store your cryptocurrency and you’re all done!

No Maintenance

REAL Series wallets are physical wallets which, unlike electronic hardware wallets, don’t need to be maintained or electronically updated.


REAL Series wallets are designed to be a physical representation of your cryptocurrency. Simply store the crypto on the wallet, and you now have an easy way to hold your crypto. Move it as you wish, give it away to anyone you like, and encourage more people to try cryptocurrency.


Ballet Bundles

Ballet - Pack of 3

7,299.00 | 0.003002 BTC

Save more or gift more crypto with our triple pack. Contains 3 Ballet wallets.

Ballet - Pack of 5

11,900.00 | 0.004894 BTC

Save more or gift more crypto with our mega pack. Contains 5 Ballet wallets.

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