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CryptoBilis Philippines recently hosted a spectacular Bitcoin Pizza Day event, which turned out to be a memorable celebration of the crypto community’s vibrancy and enthusiasm. The event drew over 500 attendees and featured thrilling games, generous giveaways, and insightful interactions with industry leaders!

From engaging panel discussions and meaningful connections, to pizza-eating contests and freebie airdrops! The night was filled with fun, learning, and networking. Partners and collaborators praised the event’s organization and the valuable connections made. As we look back on this successful gathering, let’s dive into the highlights and memorable moments of this extraordinary celebration.


Bitcoin Pizza Day, celebrated globally on May 22nd, commemorates the first real-world transaction made with Bitcoin. CryptoBilis Philippines embraced this unique tradition with an event that not only honored Bitcoin’s historical milestone but also fostered community spirit and industry connections.

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome from our host, setting the stage for an exciting lineup of activities. Attendees were treated to unlimited pizzas from Jimini and free-flowing beer courtesy of San Miguel, creating a festive atmosphere where everyone could relax and mingle.

One of the evening’s highlights was the series of exhilarating games. The pizza-eating contest saw several teams competing to finish enormous 30-inch pizzas, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. The “bull vs bear” tug of war was a showstopper, pitting teams against each other in a test of strength and strategy. An unforgettable “drink to earn” contest added a fun twist, challenging participants to earn their beverages through a series of crypto-themed tasks. The Lucky Draw rounded off the activities, offering attendees the chance to win exclusive merch, airdrops, and premium hardware wallets.


The event saw an impressive turnout of over 500 attendees, representing a diverse mix of the local and international crypto community. Notable attendees included members of the Blockchain Council of the Philippines, ACCESS Blockchain Council Malaysia, and representatives from Trezor. The media presence was strong, with coverage by Museigen, Crypto Pinas, BitPinas and MultiversePH.

Industry thought leaders and influencers were in attendance, contributing to the lively discussions and networking opportunities. Key partners that were part of the celebration included OKX,, ICP Manila, Captain and Company, Shiftzone, Arculus Wallet, Success Kids Solana, ReQuest, StroDano, Alwyn Cruz, and Ella Garcia. as well as representatives from international companies like Polygon, Manta, Kazepay and Alchemist Miners.

The event provided a valuable platform for these industry leaders to connect, share insights, and forge new partnerships. The vibrant mix of attendees underscored the event’s significance as a central hub for the crypto community in the Philippines and beyond.


The success of Bitcoin Pizza Day was made possible by the incredible support from our partners and collaborators. Their contributions helped create an engaging and memorable experience for all attendees.

“The event was a blast, brother! We enjoyed it so much since our booth was the most packed, and we thank CryptoBilis PH for being considerate on all aspects. 🙂 Will definitely look forward to the next one!” — Allen San Miguel of OKX

“The recent Crypto Bilis’ pizza day was an awesome event filled with learning, sharing of insights from crypto enthusiasts, capped by a fun-filled pizza party with games. Well done to CryptoBilis 👏” — Fermin Barranechea of Museigen

These endorsements highlight the event’s success in fostering a collaborative environment where industry players could connect and share their visions for the future of cryptocurrency.


The generosity of our sponsors was evident in the abundance of prizes and giveaways throughout the event. Attendees enjoyed unlimited pizzas from Jimini, ensuring that no one went hungry as they participated in the night’s activities. San Miguel provided free-flowing beer, adding to the celebratory atmosphere and encouraging guests to relax and enjoy the festivities.

One of the most anticipated parts of the evening was the giveaway of premium hardware wallets. These highly sought-after prizes offered winners the opportunity to enhance their crypto security, a vital aspect in today’s digital age. The Lucky Draw also featured a variety of exclusive merchandise and airdrops, providing attendees with tangible reminders of the evening’s excitement and generosity.


The games and activities were a major highlight of Bitcoin Pizza Day, adding an element of fun and competition to the evening.

The “bull vs bear” tug of war was another showstopper, symbolizing the eternal battle between market optimism and pessimism. Teams pulled with all their might, and the cheers and encouragement from the audience created an electric atmosphere.

The pizza-eating contest was a crowd favorite, with several teams vying to be the first to finish massive 30-inch pizzas. The competition was incredibly fierce, and the audience’s energy added to the excitement, making it a memorable moment for everyone involved.

The “drink to earn” contest was a unique twist that challenged participants to earn their prizes through… DRINKING! This fun and interactive game not only provided entertainment but also gave the contestants more than enough liquor to get them ready for the upcoming party.

The evening culminated in the Lucky Draw, where attendees had the chance to win an array of prizes, including exclusive merchandise, airdrops, and premium hardware wallets. The anticipation and excitement of the draw kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Last but not the least—the party! The prominent DJ Duos of Alwyn Cruz, Ella Garcia and STRODANO brought the house down with remarkable sets and mixes that gave the attendees a reason to rave and dance like it was the greatest bull run of all time. Needless to say, it was the perfect climax to our much anticipated celebration.


Bitcoin Pizza Day with CryptoBilis Philippines was a resounding success, showcasing the strength and enthusiasm of the crypto community. The event highlighted the importance of connection, learning, and fun within the industry, setting a high bar for future gatherings.

As we look ahead, our brand remains committed to empowering the web3 community and fostering an environment where innovation and collaboration can thrive. We’re excited about the future and eager to continue building on the momentum of this incredible event.

To everyone who attended, partnered, and supported Bitcoin Pizza Day, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your participation and enthusiasm made the event truly special. We can’t wait to see you at our next event, where we’ll continue to celebrate, innovate, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of cryptocurrency.Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events from CryptoBilis Philippines. Together, we’ll shape the future of web3, one wallet, one gathering and one celebration at a time.

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